As Nigeria Celebrates #DemocracyDay, What Are Your Wishes for the Country?

Today marks a new beginning in our lives as Nigerians. We are
successfully handing over power from a dear Outgoing President, who
sincerely from the bottom of his heart chose the peace of his country
over personal ambitions to a new President, a man full of promises. A
man, I must confess,is a living example of what it means to never give
up on your dreams. Buhari waited for 12 years to live this day. You
can’t imagine how excited he was in his sleep last night. That is if he
slept at all.

I wish today, that everything goes on well and smoothly from now
till 23:59 o’clock, May 29th 2015. I wish new leaders will spring up
today that will truthfully move this country forward. Nigeria is
blessed! We are the best people in the world as far as I am concerned –
we are built tough, we are built strong, we can withstand whatever harsh
conditions life throws at us and still laugh through it. We are
hardworking people. What we need is good governance and I swear, you
will never recognize
Nigeria again.

I wish 100 days from today, we will celebrate the little changes
that everyone can see, changes that prove we are moving forward. I am
not expecting to see HUGE changes but give us those little ones that
even the blind can see and say, yes! these people brought change!

I wish the era of the government LYING to her people will end today.
I really wish we see the end of our politicians who are supposed to be
shining examples making fools of themselves on national newspapers,
blogs, social media in the name of blasting/calling each other out. That
is a disgrace as far as I am concerned and I am tired of posting such
stories. If they try it again, God knows we will go find their dirtiest
photos and publish them as well. What nonsense! Since they want to be

 I wish our new leaders who will emerge today will spend their time
transforming our great nation to the beauty they see and enjoy when they
travel abroad, when they travel to London, to Dubai, to Ghana sef. Your
heart will bleed when you land Nigeria’s Murtala Mohammed International
airport from any foreign country. The difference is just so CLEAR! I
wish that all ends as from today.

Buhari is not a magician. Yes, he has inherited a lot of problems as
our new President. Many Nigerians see the problems he has in his hands
right now but they believe in him, I believe in him. I pray God gives
him the strenght, the WISDOM, the RIGHT AIDES that will help him move us

I wish 4 years from today, we will be celebrating a Boko haram free,
steady power, at least 50% reduced corruption, education.. inshort a
totally upgraded Nigeria!

What are your wishes for Nigeria today?


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