Buhari meets with a journalist he jailed when he was a military leader

President-elect Gen Buhari met with Mr Tunde Thompson, one of the
journalists he jailed for disobeying Decree 4 during his administration
in 1984. Decree 4 was enacted by Gen Buhari to checkmate the
authenticity of press reports, a policy many believed was against the
freedom of speech. Both men met at a media parley the president elect
had with his media campaign team in Abuja yesterday May 5th. Mr
Thompson now works with Gen Buhari’s media team. Gen Buhari told him
that jailing him, at that time was one of the challenges of his
administration then. He appreciated his media team for carrying out a
decent campaign for him during the election

“I want to commend you especially for
two things. First, is the decent media campaign you conducted despite
the PDP’s dirty tactics, you stayed focused on issues and avoided the
temptation to sling mud. I thank you for your uncommon motivation to do
the work. Despite the lean budget on which we ran our campaign, you
did not allow the lack of adequate remuneration to stall the work at
any point in time. You continued to give your best”he said

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