Man gives pastor N10 million bank loan to pray on it for his business, pastor bolts away with cash

The police at Ejigbo have begun a manhunt for a popular pastor who allegedly bolted with N10 million given to him by a member of his church to pray over it before he could use the money to start a business in Lagos State, western Nigeria.
The pastor the police identified as Timothy Gabriel from Ihite, Anambra State, eastern Nigeria, resides at Jakande Estate, Ejigbo, where he also uses as his church and where the incident happened.
The victim (namewithheld) reportedly obtained the loan from a bank with an interest which he intended to use to start a new business.
It was learnt that before the victim went to the bank to process the loan, he informed the pastor whom he regarded as his spiritual father.
The pastor promised him that he would offer prayers to God so that the loan would be obtained successfully..
When the victim finally got the loan, he informed the pastor about it and the pastor told him that he had a revelation from God that the money was a blood money and if he used it for the business he intended to use it for, it will be unsuccessful.
The pastor reportedly told him that he should bring the money so that he would anoint it and offer some prayers for three days before he would use it to start the business.
The victim took the money to him at his home at Jakande Estate which also serves as his church.
The pastor told him to come back in three days’ time to collect the money and start the business.
The victim, who did not suspect any foul play, went back to his base and when he returned to collect his money from the pastor, the man had packed his property and fled with the money.
He became confused and did not know what to do initially but later went to the police and reported the matter.
Police sources at Ejigbo Division confirmed the incident and said they were on the trail of the pastor.


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