Chinese Man Buys SUV With N21m Coins

This post reminds me of a story that went viral online couple of years
ago that Samsung was to pay Apple millions of dollars in a law suit, and
Samsung in an attempt to be ridiculous, decided to pay in coins. That
story has since been clarified as a rumour, but this you’re about to
read is as real as it gets.
For some bizarre reason, a car buyer decided he wanted to pay for a new car with four tonnes of coins.
It took a lorry to drop off the payment of 680,000 coins, including
660,000 coins worth 1 yuan (0.1p), at a dealership in Liaoning province,
east China. The money is the naira equivalent of about N21 million.

So cumbersome was the ordeal that it took an hour for 10 workers at the
car dealership just to empty the bundles of coins from the truck.
The man, who has not been named, used 1,320 bundles of coins wrapped in brown paper to pay for the car.
Apart from the coins, piles of notes worth 20,000 Yuan (£2,100) were also used in the sale.
Rows and rows of bundles filled the showroom, as staff spent hours counting up the money.
See photos below:

10 Workers took 1 hour to empty the lorry

The coins had to be piled up in the showroom 

In total there were four tonnes of coins 

Neatly arranged: workers had to plan carefully how to lift the cash through division of labour

Look at her face: the female worker pictured here probably thinks the man is a jerk to have paid such a huge amount in coins

Patient workers Staff spent hours counting the bundles of coins

The coins had to be transported to the car dealership using this truck

Local banks said that the car dealership would have to make special
arrangements for the money to be processed and that there would be a
handling charge.

You can’t try this in Naija o, because the last time I checked only
shoprite still took coins as a form of legal tender. Even the mallam on
the the street won’t take coins from you.
And the meticulous packaging? Only in China.


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