Fed Up Citizens Push Over a Port-a-Potty While a Man Was Masturbating Inside

A man who enjoys getting his rocks off in public may think twice
about where he chooses to do so from now on after a group of fed up
citizens decided to take matters into their own hands and make him stop.

via KATU:

It all started around 8 a.m. Thursday
at the Eastbank Esplanade at the foot of the Hawthorne Bridge. Portland
Police say a 48-year-old homeless man was pleasuring himself inside a
portable toilet with the door open.
“[He] was flashing us over and over
again and we asked him multiple times and told him to stop and he
wouldn’t,” a homeless woman said. “Our friend thought it would be funny
to get up and jump behind the porta-potty [sic] and kick it.”
The 48-year-old man, who was covered in fecal matter, was rescued from the toilet by Portland Fire and Rescue crews.
Due to the circumstances, police did not arrest the man.
“Physically, he’s fine but he had a
crappy day,” Willie Halliburton with Portland Police told KATU News,
adding it was the first incident of its kind in his 27 years of police
work. “Fortunately for him, he had some clothing he could change into
and clean himself up later on. It worked out okay.”
The individuals who helped tip the toilet left a note on it that reads, “That’s what happens 4 showing your [expletive].”

This is just gross — from all sides of the story.


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