Nigerian doctor charged with manslaughter after pregnant woman dies from massive blood loss after abortion

Nigerian doctor named Dr Adedayo Adedeji, 62, was on June 4th charged
with manslaughter after a pregnant woman died from massive blood loss
after he performed an abortion on her. The woman, who is also of African
descent, traveled from Dublin to London in January 2012 for the
abortion after healthcare workers in Ireland refused to help when she
tried to terminate the pregnancy. 

According to UK Daily Mail,
after the 32 year old woman had the abortion at the West London Clinic,
she collapsed several hours later while traveling in a taxi in Slough,
Berkshire, and died of ‘extensive internal bleeding’.

Dr Adedeji and two other nurses, Gemma Pullen, 31, and Margaret Miller, 54, have been charged with the manslaughter of the woman because of their alleged gross negligence three years ago.

later, the woman’s husband said the woman had been diagnosed with a
condition which can carry an elevated risk of miscarriage and other
complications, but was not considered to be life-threatening and that when they sought help in Ireland, doctors refused to help them, forcing them to go to London.

year after the incident, detectives launched an investigation into the
circumstances of the woman’s death and on June 4th, announced that the
doctor and two nurses have been summoned to appear before a magistrate
to face manslaughter charges.

are being accused of gross negligence and ‘failing to take reasonable
care of other persons who may be affected by acts or omissions at
work’. They will appear before Westminster Magistrates’ Court on June


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