#LOVEWEEKEND WITH THE LOVE DOCTOR: 7 Most Important Things To Pay Attention To In Your Marriage/Relationship

#LoveWeekends is back and this time it promises to be more exciting and
more intruguing. Like we know once it comes to emotional problems a lot
of people get confused and lost thats why #LOVEWEEKENDS is here to
ensure you dnt remain in that pain forever…During #LOVEWEEKENDS we
would be looking at different e mails sent by our fans all around the
world plus tips on how to have fruitful and effective
relationships/marriages as the case may be and you can also reach out to
us by sending e mails of issues troubling u in ur
relationships/marriages and how you think we can make this better for ur
reading pleasure..We had influx of mails so we can only attend to
two.Please if u didnt see ur mail check out next weeks edition..The
first e mail we got was from Veronica frm PortHacourt and it reads
Lovedoctor my one and only qualified,certified tested and trusted
lovedoctor..D only love doctor that has cure for lovemania,broken
hearted mania and all kinds of mania..Am thankful to billionbill and you
for this platform so we can unveil our problems..My story is quite a
long one but I ll make it as short as possible..My name is Veronica and
am a married woman,i have been married to my husband for a while now
/4yrsplus/.I have a child for him who is 2yrs old.We have been living
very fine not until I decided to invite my younger sister who was in
search of a job and needed a place to stay..While she was with us I neva
knew she had alterior motives..Am a business woman and most times when I
travelled my husband and my younger sister would be doing things at my
back..Lv doctor @ a certain time I started noticing some attitudes my
sister was developing but I never paid attention to that because I
thought it was her not having a job that was causing all that..I
complained to my husband but he waved it off..To make matters worse I
found out that she is pregnant for him and this make me sick to the
stomach..I ve complained to my people and even my husband had the guts
to say he…Wanted to marry her but was chased away by my parents when
he went to pay her bride price..Nw my sister is flaunting herself like
shes the madam of the house while my husband finds faults in anything I
do and he doesnt even eat my food anymore…As it stands now I dont know
if am the first wife,2nd wife or if am stil his wife at all..Please I
realy dnt knw wat to do and there is this guy who keeps disturbing me
that he wants us to be together.Am confused should I stay in the
marriage or should I forget about it completely..I would love the
readers to advice me because am really confused and   am not myself at
all..Yours Veronica frm PH….okay u have read it all from d lady,what
do you think she should do and please lets be honest..Tanx
As u respond to the mails~
Here are 7 Most Important Things U shld Pay
Attention to in Your Marriage/Relationship 

/1/Pay attention to your
partners feelings
/2/Pay attention to your partners complaints.
/3/ Pay
attention to your partners needs.
/4/Pay attention to your partners
/5/Pay atention to your partners career.
/6/Pay attention to
your partners well being
/7/Pay Attention to ur partners interest …
reason I gave u these tips is because a lot of you seem to neglect the
most important things and this most times affects your
relationship/marriage in a very bad way.
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