All the Things You Could Do as a Nigerian, If You Had £13 Billion

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As we all know, the former Minister of Petroleum was arrested on offences related to bribery and corruption. It is said that she siphoned up to 13 billion pounds from the country’s coffers without being caught. That amount is mind boggling. Even Dangote isn’t that rich.
It makes one wonder what she spent it on. But some (if not all) of us have also imagined what we would spend the money on, if we were ‘blessed’ with that amount of money. Don’t deny it. It’s only human or should we say, it’s the Nigerian thing to do.
These are what Nigerians would spend the money on.

1. Buy the best football clubs and players in the world.

2. Then there’s the ultimate Mother Theresa or should we say Ghandi.

3. You’re free to do anyhow.

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4. No need for money rituals.

5. Buy those things you need in your life.

6. No need for Visa. You’re above the law.

7. You might not be able to buy Facebook, but you can buy Instagram.

8. You can even bet on the on the Ministers List.

9. This one says it all.


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