Dance with Peter: Contestants wow judges as four exit the show

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Following the eviction of four contestants including Manasseh, Ricky, Fearless and Captain Z from the Globacom-spon­sored Dance with Peter reality TV show last night, the remaining 26 contes­tants shook off the shock and settled for the business of the day.
The contestants were divided into six groups and their task was to replicate the iconic moves in PSquare’s videos released over the years. Each group was to pick a ballot to determine which song it would perform. The first group (Nekky, Miracle, Bobby Blankson and Kelvin) performed one of PSquare’s earliest hits, Senorita, and they had the audience and the judges applauding their boundless energy. Even Peter was in awe, saying: “Don’t take my job from me because you guys did so well.”
His brother, Paul, who was a guest judge, joyfully enthused: “I saw the energy you guys displayed and it was great.”
One her part, Kaffy said: “Awesome per­formance. Special kudos to the lady among you because she’s the only one and she car­ried the guys well.”
Next to perform was Team ‘Get Squared’ comprising of MX, Tom Tom, Neon, Amaz­ing Amy, and Prince, who danced to the song, Get Squared. But the judges were not blown away by their performance, with Pe­ter summarizing: “The energy was missing for me. It was a fair performance though; nice try.”

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After that, Team ‘Roll It’ made up of Tjark, Yemi, L’Dee, and G-Xtreme per­formed the hit-song, Roll It. After their performance, Paul said: “I noticed that at the beginning, you were showing energy, but later, you lost the energy and you were losing concentration.”
Kaffy said: “I’ll give it up to you for cre­ativity. But Paul is right; you need to keep your energy from the beginning to the end. And that’s one thing PSquare is known for: precision and energy.”
Flexx did not mince words in letting them know he was not impressed. “I’m sorry but you didn’t really bring it on for me; the energy was missing. You have to bring your A-game because we’ll judge you with PSquare’s standards.”
Team ‘Alingo’ (T-rubber, C-fly, MOD, Teejay) was next and theirs was such a lovely performance that all the judges gave them a standing ovation by the time they finished. Paul even stood on his seat to ap­plaud them. “These guys are just doing two things at the same time: Alingo and Michael Jackson’s Thriller. Where did you come from?” Paul asked rhetorically. Peter added: “Everything you did was so on point. C-Fly, you’re a revelation on Dance With Peter. In fact, I regret not shooting this video in the way you guys just performed it.”
Then came Team ‘Personally’ to perform the song which video remains the most viewed by an African artiste. The team made up of Mannaseh, Smiley, Paulette and Weezy thrilled the audience and judges. “Are you sure you’re a lady?” Paul asked the only girl in the team, Paulette. “You guys had the same energy from the begin­ning to the end.”
Lastly, it was time for Team ‘Ejeajo’ made up of Socrazycool, Da Octapus, Mali hot boy and Snipes, and it was a great way to end the evening’s performances, with Paul admitting that the song had never been his favourite, but confessed that he was blown away by the team’s performance.
After the judges compiled their scores, show host, Ehis, came on stage to announce the three teams up for eviction. They are Get Squared, Roll It, and Personally. MX, Tom Tom, Neon, Amazing Amy, Prince, T-jark, Yemi, L’dee, G-Xtreme, Messiah, Paulette, Weezy, and Ernest Smiley will now look up to the voting public to keep them in the show.


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