‘There Is A Third Side To Every Story’ – A Story Of What Happened In A Banking Hall

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Today, I went to send money to a friend. In the bulk room of the bank, I noticed this young lady who was making a phone call. Well, everyone noticed her as she was weeping profusely at the same time, making quite a scene.
Her story was that she’d had a transaction worth six hundred thousand naira with the man on the phone and on getting to the bank, the cashier counted her money to be five hundred thousand. She assumed the man had cheated her and was begging him to release the remaining money for her. The man insisted he gave her the complete money.
The case dragged on like this for a while. Her credit finished, the cashier gave her his phone. His credit finished, the customers started donating their phones as well. In as much as many blamed her for not counting the money, the man was also cursed for cheating her.
In many banks, we know there are tables, different from the counter, where customers fill their deposit or withdrawal slips before going to stand in the queue. We were all feeling sad for the young lady. The cashier told her that the only choice she had was to take the five hundred thousand naira back to the man to show him what she had so he would believe her.
Everyone thought it was a good idea (mostly because she was taking a lot of time) and the lady wrapped her money into her nylon bag. She was almost at the door when a woman filling her slip shouted from the table, “Kedu onye nwe ego a di ebe a?”

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Everybody turned to see a neatly packed wad of one thousand naira notes lying on the table. Speculations in the room were that when the young lady entered the bulk room, she went straight to the table to fill her deposit slip. She took out the money before going to stand in line and must have forgotten the remaining. She counted the money, it was complete and one of the customers in the line donated his phone and insisted she call the man on the phone and apologize to him.
There is a third side to every story. Any time you hear two contradicting versions of the same story, no matter how convinced you think you are, if you put two and two together, you get another version, the true version. Don’t be quick to judge, be patient and don’t take sides until you are able to find what the two stories have in common and what they don’t have in common. The misunderstanding between the both parties could be all you need. We all condemned the man who supposedly cheated the young lady. The man was so sure he gave her the complete money, he blamed the cashier who counted the money. At the end of the day, the true version of the story, what really happened was revealed.
By Chima Jr Nwoke


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