15 Ways To Use Your Toothpaste You Never Knew Before

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We all use toothpaste, but it has some amazing properties that make it great for a lot more things other than just whitening our teeth. Read on below to see 15 uses for toothpaste that are sure to make life easier.
Diamond and Gold Sparkler
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There aren’t many cleaners that can make jewelry shine like toothpaste. Simply scrub them with toothpaste using a soft bristle toothbrush, rinse with water before the toothpaste hardens and shine with a cloth. Be careful not to use this technique on pearls as the abrasives in toothpaste can scratch the surface.
Revive Headlamps
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The cover on headlights gets dirty and scratched over time, reducing the brightness of the lights. Clean the cover with soap and water first, then buff it with toothpaste and a polishing pad or cloth.

 White or light colored joggers usually get ruined by dark scuff marks. The easiest solution is to scrub the scuff marks with toothpaste. This method also works for dress shoes.

 Toothpaste can remove those water rings found in wooden furnitures
Silver Polisher

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Whether it’s forks and spoons, candlestick holders, or ornaments, silver can be revived by polishing it with toothpaste on a soft cloth. For crevices, use a soft toothbrush and then wipe the whole thing down with a dry cloth.

 Soap doesn’t work that well when you have to remove the heavy smell of fish, onions, or other stinky foods from your skin. Toothpaste works far better for removing odors and can be used just like soap. Apply a dab to your hands and rub it like you would soap. Apply lotion or moisturizer afterwards.

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 When your iron’s soleplate looks gunky due to mineral buildup, you can easily clean it with a damp cloth and toothpaste. Make sure the iron is cool and unplugged and wipe the toothpaste cloth first, then wipe it with a second cloth.

 Minor scratches and smudges can be removed from discs using toothpaste. Rub a tiny amount and work your way from the center outward with a cotton or microfiber cloth. This works best with small scratches and a small amount should be used since using too much will worsen the problem.

 For those that have been seeking for what to clean their paino keys with…find no more cos your toothpaste can make it as white as snow

 Toothpaste can remove the most difficult stains from your favorite clothes. Lipstick stains from shirt collars, juice stains from T-shirts and spaghetti sauce on the table cloth. Just apply toothpaste directly onto the stain, rub rigorously and throw it in the washer. Be careful not to use whitening toothpaste on colored clothes.

 Toothpaste has the strong ability of removing those glued gum from your hair or cloth

 Devices without a protective screen can become scratched over time. Toothpaste can clean screens on mobile devices such as cell phones and handheld gaming consoles. Lightly rub the screen with toothpaste on a cotton cloth. Then wipe the screen clean with a second cloth.


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