5 signs you are an addict of Pornography

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It is no news that quite a number of men are interested in pornography. A healthy interest is fine, but when do you have to worry? These are the signs you are a addicted to pornography.
1. You are no longer social: Your friends or family members might invite you out for social gatherings, but you’d rather keep to yourself. You also might find yourself making excuses to avoid any types of social interactions or find reasons to get home as soon as possible. You might also become more preoccupied with porn as soon as you set foot into your home.
2. It’s a secret: Many people might keep their sexual fantasies and habits a secret, but with porn addicts, they will go the extra step to hide the fact that they watch porn frequently.
3. No sense of time: You look at your clock, and five hours have passed — you don’t know where the time has gone. In a feature story by The Sun, porn addict James Cliff describes his porn addiction as all-consuming, “Porn was an all-consuming addiction. I lost track of time and reasoning. It was like experiencing an alcoholic’s blackout. I’d wake up the next morning and not remember what I’d done,” he said.

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4. Ruining your sex life: By constantly watching porn, you’re desensitizing yourself to any type of external arousal. It can deplete your libido and lead to a lack of mojo – if you’re masturbating frequently, you may end up being less into sex with your partner and not putting enough time into romance, foreplay and your connection with your partner.
5. Sex would not measure up: Your partner might be competing with another woman or man — your favorite porn star. Or, you might try to reenact scenes from the pornographic videos you have seen, and you might even get angry when your partner isn’t able to perform like these film stars.


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