Ten Lessons That 2015 Taught Me – Ebuka Obi

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The year 2015 is already on its tail end. So many events played out both good, bad and ugly. In all, I learnt some life time lessons during my interactions with friends, foes and strangers in the year 2015.
These are the top ten lessons I learnt this year:

1). In the year 2015 I discovered that everything we hear is an opinion not a fact. Everything we see is a perspective not the ultimate truth. I learnt to be extremely careful in vouching for any man.

2). 2015 taught me that sometimes burning bridges is not a bad thing. In fact, it helps prevent you from going back to places you should not have been in the first place.

3). I learnt this year that ships do not sink because of water around them, ships sink because of water that gets into them. I learnt to more careful in what I assimilate before it sinks my life.

4). This year I learnt a new form of maturity: realizing that sometimes silence is more powerful than having the last word. Action more effective than arguments. I applied this in every aspect of my life in 2015.

5). I learnt that you teach a man how to treat you by what you stop, what you allow and what you reinforce. If not? Any man can walk all over you!

6). I learnt this lesson previously, but this year reinforced the lesson again: anywhere there is an atom of peace, someone somewhere is paying the price for that peace to exist.

7). 2015 taught me that all men are replaceable. No man is irreplaceable! Therefore I learnt never to get too comfortable, I can be replaced the next second.

8). I learnt to be more careful in whom I confide in, not everyone who smiles at you is your friend. Beware, be warned, don’t fall a victim.

9). 2015 taught me that even a fish can avoid problems if it keeps its mouth shut. There is no atom of gain in discussing about another man negatively.

10). The year 2015 helped me to realize that every time I thought I was being rejected from something good, I was actually being re-directed to something better.

Come 2016, I will accept my life as it is. I will not judge, I will not dramatize. I will let life’s events come freely and I will welcome the lessons they convey. I will stop all the struggles. I will let go and know that God will always give me that which is most appropraite for my soul.
I never would have taught that things would change so much in only one year. I wonder what December 2016 would look like!
My name is Ebuka Obi and I am a Living Testimony!


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