Controversial actress Cossy Ojiakor makes a huge announcement for this year

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Big-Buxomed Nollywood actress Cossy Ojiakor may have found the man of her dreams and will be changing her status from single to married soon.
In 2013, the 31-year-old controversial actress and entertainer revealed she was in search of a husband and not a boyfriend. She also held a competition on Twitter to find a man willing to make her his wife. She asked her male fans to take pictures of themselves cooking and tag her but unfortunately not many people participated.
Now, it appears the actress has found love. Yesterday, Cossy who is popular for putting her ‘assets’ on full display, shared on Instagram that she will be getting married this year.

Hello 2016…I started this year with work… Helping out… Almost like charity…. That’s when I know It’s gonna be a good year…. This year I will finally become Mrs Cossy Ojiakor……… Fill in the blank space hahhahhaha

We are happy for Cossy, however, we wonder who the mystery man is, if there is one already that is.
Source: Instagram

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