Kanye West Actually Gave Yeezys To People Who Guessed His Album Title

During the lead up to what would eventually become The Life Of Pablo, but before the name was revealed, Kanye West tweeted out that anyone who guessed the title based on the T.L.O.P. acronym would win free Yeezy Boosts.
immediately chalked it up to Kanye being Kanye, and just talking a lot
of shit. However, his team really followed through on this one. They
created a Twitter account to locate all the winners, and Reddit user Houston979 posted
photos today confirming that he received his Pirate Black Yeezy Boost
350s. The user also said there were “about forty” winners, although it’s
unclear if that’s his own estimation or a number based on something a
Kanye rep said.
 If you guessed the title via Twitter but didn’t get contacted by Kanye’s team, hit up @TLOPcontest on Twitter. If you’re going to try and falsify your tweet, good luck…


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