Popular Nollywood Actor Ties The Knot

 A hardworking village damsel “Njide “(Sochima Ezeoke) who has never been
to the city for the first time in her life fell in love a young rich
handsome man “Richard” (Francis Okoli) who lives in the city…with
persuasion from her uncle, she married him and they went to the city
only for Njide to begin to manifest all her village tendencies…. Her
ever loving husband Richard had a hard time in trying to civiliz her and
make her adopt to the modern city life…… It’s a must watch….. The
movie produced by Tony de great and directed by nollywood finest
director Emera GF….. Starring fast rising nollywood actress Sochima
Ezeoke and former Mr unison and Crime and Justice star Francis Okoli


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