Comrade Frank Mmaduka states the Council’s relevance to the youths and how it council operates.

In an interview with Comrade Frank Mmaduka, the chairman of the National Youth council of Nigeria (NYCN) as at 1st July 2016,he stated the Council’s relevance to the youths and how the council operates.
Q: Sir,how can one become a member of the council?
Ans: There is no special way to becoming a member of the council. It only entails being registered under any youth organization like the CYON, girl’s brigade, boys scout,community based organizations etc because this organizations are affiliated to the council.
Q: Sir, how can one attain leadership in the
Ans: Its Simple! Election is conducted once every 4 years. The local governments are expected to present 5 delegates(gender sensitive) and the VYO (voluntary youth organizations) 3 delegates. After which they come together and elect the leader. Every elected official is expected to last in office for 4years after which he can decide to run a second tenure but not for the same office.
Q: So what’s the criteria for being elected?
Ans: Age bracket…18-30 years of age and one’s intellectual ability to lead.
Q: Sir,we are made to understand that there is no organization without benefit; so what does a member of this honourable council stand to benefit?
Ans: The council does not render help to anybody but it assists its members to work on their own,build themselves, market their talents through the council and work to the extent that they would be able to operate without the council’s assistance. Like the shadow commissioners who are basically youths who present the needs of the youths to those in power. It has being created to help the youths become organized and outstanding leaders in the society. However, the council gives admission to its members seeking admission into tertiary institutions as it has slots for admission yearly as well as assist its members for jobs. But this slots are given to members who are active and efficient in the council.
Q: sir if I may ask,what exactly is your responsibility as the NYCN chairman?
Ans: I serve as a link between the youths and the government and the council,the symbol. I represent the members of the council as well as speak for them. Through me the government attends to the needs of the council. As the chairman of the council,I make sure my members are of qualified skills to operate in the council and having the brotherly shoulder because the strength of the council lies in staying together.
Q: sir,we believe there is no leader without a challenge. So what have been your challenges in running the council since you resumed office?
Ans: I must say it hasn’t been easy at all. There have been a lot of problems and intimidation from so many people. First,was the interference from those in power when I newly resumed office. They intimidated me saying am too small to be the chairman of the council,that I shouldn’t be in that position since there are other elderly men in the council. There after ,I was faced with the issue of politicians saying I do not support the government simply because I do not go about shouting “hail APGA” in the streets. But they forget that advertising the government doesn’t necessarily entail all that. It could simply mean your conduct towards the government’s administration.
Q: Sir, considering your retirement from the council next year,what have you achieved so far since your 3 years in office?
Ans: Firstly, I chased the council away from the bear parlour…. Those who were not ready to contribute anything to the growth of the council.
Secondly, I eliminated moribund persons and organizations from the council.
Afterwards I reduced the age for leadership positions in the council. Before now,old men were the ones ruling the council; people of 35 years and above who are supposed to be married and retired from the council. I looked at it and saw it wasn’t right . The young ones are supposed to be given this leadership opportunity to enable them become organized,get exposed to what happens in the state,build themselves and build others too.
Also I got a new bus for the council which saves the council transport cost for distant events and programs.
Q: sir , we would like to know how many programs and events you’ve hosted so far?
Ans: You remind me of the first event I attended when I newly resumed office,that is ,Chinua Achebe’s funeral which we had a candle light procession for him.
Then in march 2014 the council had a 3 Days retreat followed by the leadership summit at unizik as well as Onitsha.
After that we had a sports event at Oba.
Then in February 2015, we held the first initiative program at Nkpo in Onitsha which was the Anambra Youth Leaders Camp which was aimed at interaction between leaders of various organizations in the state and getting to know each other .
Still in 2015, another sports event was held which was the international youth day as well as the HIV synthesize program
The council also runs a yearly medical program which comes up around July – August.
Most importantly is the upcoming cultural fiesta which aims at breaching the gap between the classes of youths and bringing together youths from different towns,villages and communities…infact its going to be a bomb blast event in the state.
Q: finally, sir what do you have to say to the council and the general public?
Ans: well, I want to say that everyone should be up and doing and be hardworking in any organization you find yourself because that is the only way the light in you can shine. Especially those vying for leadership positions by next year,you must be intellectually sound because being an organizational leader is synonymous to governing a nation.
Sir, I must say that it was really wonderful speaking with you. In fact it’s an opportunity being with someone like you. I must say that you are truly a leader. I so much appreciate your high level of intellectual speech and hope to have an opportunity like this again.
Dunu Chisom
Team Media
National Youth Council of Nigeria,Anambra State.


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