Snapchat is Down and the World is Freaking Out

Today, the image messaging and multimedia mobile application
SNAPCHAT went down for almost an hour and it sent social media on a
At first, some users took to Twitter to check if it was a general problem.

And when they did find other users voicing their frustrations with the platform, it led to an outrage.

long after, the app’s official Twitter page announced that ‘some’
snapchatters are having issues but they are working to resolve it.

the complaints rolled in their hundreds, and thousands. And this brings
to mind a similar meltdown last September after Instagram went down for
over an hour and outraged fans compared it to the world ‘coming to an
This shows how much the internet, plus the many awesome applications it gave birth to, have taken over lives. Today we asked what what the world would be like if the internet shuts down for a month, and responses we found on social media show unimaginable horror.
my life without internet,” one Twitter user said and another added, “Life is hard without the internet.”
Well, for the Snapchat incident today, here are sample reactions on Twitter:



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