Does Too Much Social Media Exposure Hurt Relationships? Basketmouth, Nigerians Speak

Basketmouth has kicked off a necessary conversation on the effect of social media on real life relationships. Writing on his Instagram yesterday, the ace comedian noted how over exposure can ruin a relationship.
No matter how perfect and cute you think your relationship is, over exposure on social media might ruin it,” he said. “If you think you’ve found a good thing, keep it between you, him or her, family, close friends and God.”
He continued, “It becomes a drag when PDA is excessive, keeping your relationship mysterious is more exciting.
But then again….what do I even know? I just might be totally wrong.
But is he really wrong?
With social media, people get the opportunity to easily share their daily experiences, stories and photos, inadvertently, creating the version of themselves they like most. And many times, we have see and hear of how people photoshop their own photos to mirror who they really want to be.
The line between the real and virtual is almost blurred. While many people have met partners on social media, many more have suffered unhealthy criticism of their relationships, creating insecurities that in turn rock what they have to the core.
But, can that be blamed on social media? Shouldn’t human beings simply take responsibility for ruining the beautiful thing they had?
Well, Basketmouth insists that to avoid such drama – to not give trolls the opportunity of picking through your life, just keep it away. But what do Nigerians think?
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