Pilots Share Aerail View Images From Flight Deck

Taking a picture of the view is one of the perks of grabbing the coveted window seat when flying.
But two UK pilots have shown that the most spectacular sights are reserved for the people in control of the plane.

Captain Paul Fox has been flying with Monarch for 12 years; he says on his website that he started taking pictures to share the views after passengers were banned from visiting the front of the plane.

He writes: “One of the great joys of the job used to be allowing people into the cockpit during the flight to see the incredible views.

“Sadly, those days are long gone and although I encourage people to visit the flight deck after their flight, it’s not the same experience.”

The Manchester-based pilot sells his images at his site Flying Foxoir and describes his job as a boyhood dream come true.

Ashish Raval, a senior first officer who has been flying with Monarch for 18 months, is based at London Gatwick and has more than 10,000 followers on his account.

Speaking to The Independent he said: “The view from my ‘desk’ is amazing so I wanted to share some of the breath-taking views I am lucky enough to see on a daily basis.

“People love taking pictures from their window seat but the views I get from the cockpit are just incredible and I really wanted to share my favourites.”

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He says his favourite view when flying is over the Alps. Speaking to the Daily Mail, Raval said: “They leave me speechless. They make for some of the best views I have ever seen from the flight deck.

“Whether it be the Austrian, Swiss, Italian or French Alps, they all make for incredible scenes. Flying into Venice, the descent allows you to get a slightly closer and better view of the Alps.”


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