Gov Obiano Changes One Of His Facebook Accounts To “Oseloka Henry Obaze” To Malign Him

The attention of the media team of the PDP Governorship candidate Mr
Oseloka Obaze for the November 18th Election has been drawn to a fake
Facebook account bearing the name “Oseloka Henry Obaze” and used on
13/10/17 to make fictitious post thereby crediting them to our candidate
for the purpose of turning him against the reading public.

said account and on a careful perusal has the name of our candidate
“Oseloka Henry Obaze” attached to. It was discovered to our chagrin that
until 12/10/17, the said Facebook account belonged to “Willie M.
Obiano” and the name was changed to “Oseloka Henry Obaze” on 13/10/17
and had been used to make three posts with one already pulled down
leaving the other two there while about four posts that were made with
it said account on 14/10/17.

Determined to expose the jittery
and desperation of Gov Obiano and his goons, it was discovered that
between December 2013 and March 17th 2013, People were writing on the
said Facebook wall of the said account congratulating “Willie M. Obiano”
for winning the elections. See Screenshots attached for this.
further scrutiny and to show how inept and intellectually daft Gov
Obiano and team could be; the fake account now bearing the name “Oseloka
Henry Obaze” made a post on 11th April 2014 and I quote : ” My people, I
personally moved to commence the clearing of all waste dumps at Awka,
Onitsha and NNEWI…”, now the question is, Is “Oseloka Henry Obaze” the
governor of Anambra on 11th April 2014? See screenshots attached for

Again on March 17th 2014, the fake “Oseloka Henry Obaze”
account posted “My people, your votes stands tall, God bless Anambra. W.
W. W”, now since when did “Oseloka Henry Obaze’ become “W W W”? See
Screenshots attached for this.

Furthermore; on January 13th 2014,
the fake “Oseloka Henry Obaze” account was used to make a post and I
quote “I was at USAfrica Live Interactive event with Anambra Diaspora
comminities on Jan 11 2014; I was received by event host Chido
Nwangwu…”. This alone confirm who actually owned the fake “Oseloka
Henry Obaze” Facebook account. See Screenshots attached for this

Not forgetting another post made on April 7th 2014 using the hitherto
“Willie Obiano” Facebook account and now fake “Oseloka Henry Obaze” and I
quote ” My people, my commitment to maintaining super security in
Anambra is unalloyed…”.

Again, this is the height of it all. See screenshots attached for this.

Coming to the three post already made using the account, now read this
one and ask yourself whether such a thing can be coming from Oseloka
Henry Obaze of the PDP. Read the disjointed update and ask yourself when
“Holy Trinity Field” became the venue of the PDP flagoff.
Fake “Oseloka Henry Obaze” wrote;

” The Peoples Democratic Party on Tuesday said it had concluded
arrangements to begin the campaign for Mr. Oseloka Obaze, its
governorship candidate in the November 18 poll Anambra State.

said former President Goodluck Jonathan and no fewer than seven
governors of the party, including Nyesom Wike of Rivers State, Ayo
Fayose (Ekiti), Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi (Enugu) and Okezie Ikpeazu of Abia
State would attend the rally.

The Obaze rally is scheduled for
October 16 at the Holy Trinity Ground in the commercial city of Onitsha,
Anambra State.” See Screenshot attached for this.
And numerous other screenshots of Congratulatory messages on “Willie Obiano” for winning the elections.

We hereby advise the reading public to always be vigilant and alert so
as not to fall for the inordinate antics of the outgoing governor of
Anambra State Chief Willie Obiano who instead of giving account of over
600 Billion Naira that have accrued to Anambra since he took over, chose
to play to the gallery.…

This address above is the link to the hitherto “Willie M Obiano”
Facebook account which was changed to “Oseloka Henry Obaze” on 13/10/17
and still being managed by Gov Obiano’s goons which they started using
to make friendly post on 14/10/17 to confuse the gullible.
The real and only Facebook page of the PDP candidate for the November 18th Governorship election remains

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