There Are Times When Silence Is Not Golden

Are you still looking for reasons why Awka North is underdeveloped or whom to blame for such anomaly?. Look no further  for the answers are not far fetched.  Just take a look in the mirror, who you see there is one of the many reasons we are where we are as the least developed area in the state.

As a teenager and ardent follower of Asari Dokubo’s movement for equity & justice for the people of NigerDelta in the streets of Portharcourt, I learnt a few things from his movement which includes but not limited to:
(a). There are times when silent is not golden.

(b). To every Pharoah, there is a Moses.

(c). To every Goliath, there is a David.

(d). To every action, there ought to be an equal opposite reaction.
(e). Demand/struggle against injustice is never for the Lilly livered.

When you narrow the above factors down to Awka North, you will automatically see why the status quo of our underdevelopment remained rightly so.

 A dream without ACTION is akin to nightmare cum daydreaming.  We, as a people has continued to remain silent and bother not to ask the salient questions.

In Awka North, out of the 10 communities, it only Amansea and Achalla have more governmental  touch due to the former’s proximity to Awka,the state capital  and the latter being the seat of power of Awka North LGA.  That said, it’s important to understand that whatever sort of development you witnessed in the other (8) remaining  communities in Awka North are majorly from private wealthy indigene of such communities.

We all don’t have be a degree holder to understand the basic “Singular & Plural” in English language.  “I” is singular while “we” is plural.

When a man from Ugbene said that “Ugbene people should come out enmass to vote for a particular candidate in other to bargain properly from such candidate ” . Such call is a in SINGULAR form. The demand to correct the imbalance &  marginalization of Awka North should not be SINGULARIZED. It should be in a plural form which is “WE”.

All through the night, as a gadfly, my brain keep roving around and many questions keep coming to my mind……

1. Obuzikwa ofu efi ka Abagana n’achu? .

2. Has the hunters became the hunted?.

3. Anyi aghabago nwanne anyi?.

The answers to this questions are rather rhetorical bc u got to figure it our yourself.

Umunne m, all we crave for is the well being of our people thus are clear unity of purpose is paramount.  Our continued silent is NO longer GOLDEN.

 Our great heros like Igwe ALEX NWOKEDI who as the chairman of the state traditional rulers in the past, fought for and got Awka North LGA for us. Now, they have left the stage for us, the youths.  Now the question is, will you be remembered for your  SELFLESS service and sacrifice for the development of Awka North? . It’s time to write our names in the sand of history of Awka North.  The TIME is NOW!!!.

NEVER you desire to be a gentleman because a gentleman is a CHEATED man. I am NOT one.

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