Dr Dre Slammed With $25 Million Bill for Beats Headphones

Dr Dre and his Beats Electronics co-founder Jimmy Iovine have been slammed with a $25 million bill after a jury ruled against them in a lawsuit.

According to the Associated Press, the duo owe their former business partner Steven Lamar $25,247,350, prompting him to sue in 2014, seeking over $100 million in royalties. A judge reportedly had dismissed the case, but it was revived by an appeals court in 2016, before going for trial earlier this month.

Steven Lamar said in the lawsuit that he went to Dre in 2006 “with the idea for celebrity-endorsed headphones.” Dre and Iovine “argued that Lamar was only entitled to royalties from the first headphone model.”  However, the jury ruled that he was owed royalties on three models—the Studio 2 Remastered, the Studio 2 Wireless, and the Studio 3—resulting in the $25.2 million payment.

We can’t wait to see if they will pay Lamar what he is owed.

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