Apex Igbo Youth Social Cultural Body Flays Osun State Rerun Election

Nzukoha Ndi-Ntorobia Igbo Flays: Calls For Civil Disobedience To Protest Osun Election Hijack
The Apex Igbo youth social cultural body coordinating all Igbo youth bodies worldwide, *”Nzukoha Ndi-Ntorobia Igbo”* has described the Osun State Rerun as a National tragedy calling on all patroits and patriotic institutions to speak out.
Reacting to the Osun election rerun result yesterday at Holiday Resort Hotels,Onitsha, while addressing student cultural group, National Nze n’ ozo Prestigious club,the Executive Secretary of Nzukoha Ndi-Ntorobia Igbo , His Youthfulness, Comrade Frank Maduka Jp called on all democratic institutions to rise up and condemn the “coup d’etat” against our democracy yesterday at Osun state.  According to the Igbo youth leader, the conspiracy to deny electorates of Osun state the right to choose their leader yesterday, has ushered in a regressive new era of doom in our democratic space, which we all must unite and  resist without fear. As we know,  evil only triumph when good men do nothing.

 *Comrade Frank Maduka Jp* emphasized that “the only power a citizen has in any democratic dispensation is his freedom to select a leader unhindered. When that right is threatened with violence and other forms of intimidation, then the future becomes scary. Once this right is usurped through intimidation and manipulation utilizing the instrument of the state, we will only have facicsm to contend with” . He  further stated that “It is sad that even though all ethnic groups and religious sects in our Nation constantly preach about standing up to evil yet Nigerians are afraid to set the no go areas on politicking, for the interest of our Nation and challenge such evil as witnessed in Osun state”.
“It seems we have been so conditioned to pains and suffering that we no longer care.  nothing looks  abnormal to us any longer, we behave in this country as if abnormalities are norms, hence, any gang of political thieves can seize power and continue raping us and we wouldn’t blink an eyelid.”
“it’s even worse when  think it doesn’t affect  us because we are in a distant state, it does. Whatever happens in any part of this country concerns everybody. How do we explain that the government we have been eagerly waiting to reward or punish  for  stewardship in 2019 is now sending us a clear signal that we are powerless to do them any harm?”
He reteirated that all hope isn’t lost and men of goodwill will should rally round to protect our democracy from despots

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