It’s Getting Messier! Nigerian Army Captain Who Leaked Ekiti Poll Tape Speaks Further

According to Premium Times,
a Nigerian Army Captain, who leaked the audio evidence of how some top
officials of the Federal Government and the Peoples Democratic Party,
PDP, used the Nigerian Army and other security agencies to rig the
governorship election in Ekiti and Osun States last year, has spoken out
about the matter.
In a statement entitled: “How Nigerian Army
personnel were used to rig Ekiti and Osun States Gubernatorial Elections
2014″, Captain Sagir Koli gave details of all that transpired between
himself, his commanding officer, two ministers and some politicians
prior to the elections in Ekiti state.
He also spoke about the elaborate plans made to
replicate the Ekiti scenario in Osun state last August. See the full
text of his submission below:

                                             Staff In Confidence
How the Nigerian Army personal were used to Rig Ekiti and Osun States Gubernatorial Elections 2014.
1. I was officially deployed as the 32,
Artillery Brigade Intelligence Officer to provide credible Intelligence
to the success of Ekiti State governorship election. At about 2030 hours
on June 2014, a day to the election proper, the commander, Brigadier
General AA Momoh told me to escort him to a place where the State
Minister for Defence wanted to see him.
Reaching the place (Spotless Hotel in Ado-
Ekiti), which serves as coordinating campaign office for the PDP
candidate Mr. Ayodele Fayose, we met the Minister himself, Minister of
Police Affairs, Mr Fayose, Mr. Iyiola Omisore, one Honoruable
Abdulkareem and host of other top PDP  chieftains.
The Outcome of what was discussed that gave the party victory during the election are as follows:
A. They told brigade commander that they are on
presidential assignment and they cannot afford to fail. Also, they told
him that they were there to remove any obstacles that would block their
victory and the commander is the key; therefore, he has no option but to
collaborate with them. They said, if the commander play(ed) with them,
his promotion is in their hands and the president and the chief of army
Staff would be very angry with him and he knows what that means.
B. They directed that soldiers on election duty
must work hand in hand with the PDP agents and give them all the
necessary support they needed without limitation.
C. They ordered the arrest of selected APC
stalwarts that could greatly assist the party during the election
including the DG campaign organisation for Dr Fayemi Mr. Bimbo Daramola.
APC members in Ekiti State should be interviewed of what they went
through. We were forced to do a dirty job for them with a threat of
court martial.
D. They directed that soldiers must block APC
members’ access to the electorates but all PDP supporters’ movement
anywhere using a designated sticker with inscription, “National Security
Task” it should be noted that some of these PDP agents were given NYSC
uniforms because we were well briefed by the commander.
E. Chief Chris Uba who also said he was from the
presidency entered Ado- Ekiti a day to the election accompanied by 16
commissioned Army officers (Major and blow) led by Major Ujung of 82
Base Ammunitions  Depot from Nigeria Army 82 Division Enugu. Their major
task was to effect arrest and move secret materials and money. This
money was brought from CBN Umuahia.
F. Chief Chris Uba was physically present with
the soldiers and the commander at Forward Operational Base (FOB) close
to government house in Ado- Ekiti. He personally supervised the movement
of the strike force. This act of a civilian directing military
operation is highly unprofessional and tarnishing of the military
discipline and regimentation.
G. Chief Chris Uba entered Ado-Ekiti a day to
the election accompanied by military/police escort with 2 black tinted
Hilux Vans with “secret” materials according to him. Items inside the
vans were 1000/500 Naria notes closed and cloned marked ballot papers.
H. Chris Uba, Minster of police Affairs,
Obanikoro and Co said this is just a test run that should not fail and
its to be done in SS and SW states, moreover, Rivers State to make sure
Rotimi Ameachi bow to the federal government.
2. Based on the aforementioned, they succeeded
in rigging the Ekiti State election with victory in all the 16 LGAs.
These really inspired them and they were with the euphoria that same
would happen in Osun State. In preparation of the plans, they confirmed
the posting of the commander and task him to prepare for Osun State
election (remember that Osun State is not part of 32 Artillery Brigade
Area of operations) but they ordered the Nigerian Army Construction
Engineers Commander Brigadier General Adeyemi to proceed for 3 weeks
compulsory leave until after the election just to pave way for General
Momah to repeat the same dirty work that he has done to them in Ekiti
3. In build-up towards the Osun State elections,
the commander directed me as his intelligence officer who has worked
with him perfectly in Ekiti State to go ahead and recce the area as well
as familiarize myself with all stake holders for the election.
While I and my team were working for the
operations, the commander was in Abuja re-strategizing how to use the
military to rig the elections. Feelers based on my discussion with him
on phone confirmed to me beyond reasonable doubt that we were repeating
the same compromise in Osun State. My heart got burnt and become
disenchanted and in total disagreement with such being professional
junior officer aspiring to become a General tomorrow.
4. However efforts to explain my grievances
prove abortive due to the military dictatorial hierarchy in channel of
communication vis a vis threat of court martial from the commander. I
resorted to alert the APC high level officials with the aim of stopping
Army from partisan involvement during election. A week to the election,
the commander came back from Abuja and he made revelations being their
final arrangement on how the PDP was to become victorious in Osun state
as follows:
A. After welcome address by the commander, he
thanked all his staff officers, and said “you all know who we are
working for, so you guys MUST follow my direction. I am working for the
presidency and the ruling party as you all know, is no longer a hidden
thing” for those of you who are moles among us, the presidency is
watching you, be careful because the consequence will be severe. I
learnt that some of you went to Lagos and met with Tinubu without
knowing that his line is already bugged at Abuja, then we are in
trouble, but before somebody will kill me I have to kill him first”
(referring to me). The commander asked how many of us were involved,
that I should say the truth, he now held a secret talk with the
operation officer and military police officer to tie and handcuff me to
Army HQs, from there I know that my life was in danger.
B. The commander categorically told us that the
soldiers were to work under PDP agents while their platoon commanders
only supervise the soldiers conduct. He briefed the officers that were
working the list of agents and those to be arrested at the SGF office in
Abuja and once the list is out everybody must work with accordingly.
C. The commander briefed us on the formation of a strike-force in conjunction with police, DSS and
NSCDC and he would command the strike force
directly. Their duty was to work directly with the PDP aspirant for
arrest and intimidation of APC supporters in their strong hold.
D. Money was shared openly at the NYSC Permanent Orientation Camp Ede to the strike force to ensure compliance.
5. Having said all of the above, I must state before concluding that:
A, My brother Adamu Koli a 15yrs old school boy
was under detention since on the 2nd August 2014. The boy stays with me
at 32 Artillery Brigade Akure.
B. Brigadier General AM Dikko who they consulted
initially for the scam insisted that the army must remain professional
and apolitical, was disgracefully removed from his command which he
served only for 7 months just to allow General Momoh to carry out the
dirty work.
6. Last but not the least, to further
substantiate my submission and how my dear-loving, hard-achieving noble
calling was de-professionalized; here is the recorded voices of the
Ministers, the aspirant and the Brigade Commander. Other officers
present at the hotel were Major Aliyu and captain Adegoke who were also
part of the officers that escorted commander to the venue where the
compromise was made. Also conversation between the commander and Abuja
could be traced via MTN, GLO, on the under listed phone numbers (between
20-21 June 2014).
A. 08037033694
B. 08055832835
7,Lastly, in order to strengthen the unity and
continue existence of Nigeria, I call on the federal Government to
desist from using the military for partisan politics. This is to avoid
the military from being divided along ethnic and regional lines which is
dangerous to the defence of the nation. I remain a patriotic Nigerian
and a loyal professional Army officer,
God bless you all

Thank you for listening. Captain Sagir Koli

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