Black Book Becomes Netflix’s ‘Biggest Ever’ Nigerian Film

Black Book Becomes Netflix’s ‘Biggest Ever’ Nigerian Film

The Black Book has become Netflix’s “biggest ever” Nigerian film, its director has said.

The action movie, which arrived on Netflix last Friday, follows a deacon who takes justice into his own hands after his late son is framed for kidnapping.

Director Editi Effiòng said on X, the social media platform formally known as Twitter: “Just got off a call with Netflix. #TheBlackBook is a global hit! The biggest film out of Nigeria on Netflix ever.”

Data from the popular streaming platform shows that in the two days following its release, The Black Book was watched 5,600,000 times. It also became that week’s fourth most-watched film.

Netflix has boosted its collection of African-made films and TV shows over the past five years, adding popular products such as South Africa’s Blood and Water and pan-African reality TV show Young Famous and African.

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