Nigerian soldier sentenced to death for mutiny cries out on Facebook

A young 22-year-old Nigerian soldier, Fahat Fahat who
was one of the 54 Nigerian soldiers sentenced to death by a court
martial on charges of mutiny and refusing to go and fight the dreaded
Boko Haram sect, has sent out a passionate message to Nigerians on
Facebook, asking if they are justified to die even when the army did not
provide the adequate equipment and training for them to fight the sect.

According to Fahat, pushing the young soldiers to fight the well
equipped Boko Haram without the necessary weapons was like sending them
to fight with their bare hands.

Shortly after they were sentenced to death for firing squad, Fahat
took to his Facebook page to write the pathetic appeal to his

“Hello ladies and gentle men. I am soldier and I am sentenced to
death by the Nigerian Army. (be)Cause we did not go to fight Boko Haram
without equipment. We ask for weapon instead (they) gave (us) death

The details of the so called mutiny reads like a child’s play
because some of the accused soldiers testified that they refused to take
part in the operation following the failure of the army to provide them
with the necessary support equipment.

They explained that owing to a lack of equipment, they lost three
officers, 23 soldiers plus 83 others suffering various degrees of
injuries after their units were ambushed by Boko Haram fighters during
an operation to retake the town of Bulabulin in Borno on July 9.

Some of the accused soldiers said they did not attend the briefing
where the operation was announced, while others said they did not join
the mission because they were ill and there was no medical personal
attached to their unit to give medical assistance.

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