Pop act Burna Boy allegedly fights with Buffalo Souljah at a party


Burna Boy who spends most of his time in South Africa these days, has been accused of public harassment at a party in South Africa.
According to top dancehall African act Buffalo Souljah, Burna Boy’s entourage physically assaulted him at the Annual All White Party organized by South African rapper Da L.E.S. 
The party took place on Saturday, January 24, 2015.
Narrating the scuffle in a YouTube clip, the dancehall act said Burna Boy approached him at the party with his entourage, and said he wanted to have a word with him.
Buffalo Souljah moved with Burna Boy and his entourage. On getting to the spot,  Burna Boy reportedly accused Buffalo Souljah of saying bad things about him. He denied this, and asked Burna not to accuse him with second hand information.
According to Buffalo Souljah, Burna Boy started disrespecting him, and threatened to get violent. Shortly after, Burna’s crew started putting their hands on him.

The Zimbabwean act then said he left the spot as things got heated, and moved to the VIP. According to his narration Burna Boy came back to the VIP was probably high, and tried to sucker punch him.
Buffalo Souljah said Burna Boy’s crew broke his expensive watch, and chains in front of the guests in the party. He also said Burna’s entourage humiliated him in front of the guests and press that were at the All White Party.
In his story he however insisted Burna Boy did not touch him.
Enraged and pissed, Buffalo Souljah came back with his clique, and challenged Burna Boy to face him one and one.
Buffalo Souljah then went on to say that he had met Burna at Da LES’ house a day before, and the former Aristokrat Records act didn’t approach him then.
At the end of the video clip, Buffalo Souljah promises to get his retaliation.

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