Shocking Video Of APC’s Presidential Candidate Gen Muhammadu Buhari TellingHis Supporters To Kill People If He Loses

This video will send chills down your spine how can someone be this
callous to utter such a Dangerous command to his devoted followers?

Many have vindicated General Buhari from The post election violence
which took place in 2011 where over a thousand people where killed many
of them youth corpers well this video proves otherwise and points
fingers directly at Buhari as the Major Instigator of all the
bloodsheds. At a campaign rally in minna Buhari is caught on camera
telling his supporters in the hausa
dialect to Kill who ever tries to stop them  I Think with this
Campaigning with other languages should be Banned in Nigeria because
someone might Just be Going around Nigeria Campaigning in the name of
“Presidency” not knowing he could be passing out messages which
instigates hatred of his opponents into the hearts of his supporters or
just simply plotting another bloody Civil war in broad daylight, We all
know majority of Buhari’s supporters are all Nothern Stark Muslim
illiterates who can die for him, Well even though they cannot understand
English then i think they should learn Pigin English, We have heard so
many controversial statements some which openly instigates violence have
been attributed to Gen Buhari

checkout A List of some..

In 2001 at a seminar in Kaduna, northern Nigeria, General Muhammad Buhari had this to say:
“I will continue to show openly and inside me the total commitment to
the Sharia movement that is sweeping all over Nigeria,” Buhari
said, quoted in press reports.

The infamous “i will make Nigeria ungovernable” At the height of the
Sharia debate during the Obasanjo administration, Buhari declared that
Muslims should vote only for fellow Muslims. This was politically
suicidal for a man seeking national office.  He became an advocate for
implementation of Sharia all over Nigeria. With the Boko Haram
insurgency in the north, Buhari played to the Northern gallery yet
again, calling the Jonathan government “the biggest Boko Haram.” Wole
Olaniyi was a fly in the wall at a meeting in Kano Government House
designed to persuade PDP rebel governor, Rabiu Kwankwaso, to decamp to
the APC.

Assuming that only Northerners were present, Buhari declared the Boko
Haram was a “strategic plan” by the government of Goodluck Jonathan to
“destroy the North.” When Jonathan declared a state of emergency in
Yobe, Borno and Adamawa states, Buhari still saw this with Northern
goggles, insinuating that the President is waging war on the North.

He protested to the Oyo State governor, in the context of a dispute
between Fulani herdsmen and indigenous farmers in the state, that
“your people are killing my people.
This turned out to be unfounded and perhaps the reverse.

Many of his devoted followers have since debunked all of them
claiming he never said such things and that we provide A Video Proof of
him uttering any of the statements now we have finally laid our hands on
one and i know that instead of them to go and give it to A Professional
to authenticate it they will just decide to ignore it then sit at the
comfort of their homes yelling “Photoshop” “Photoshop” hoping that their
utterance of the statement “Photoshop” like “Abracadabra” will
magically change the Authenticity of the video, Well i have taking out
time to investigate, a friend of mine who is very good at photoshop
confirmed that the above voice in the video is authentic and was not
doctored or added into the video so i then went on to ask another of my
friend who is a Linguistic and he helped me translate what the voice was
saying in that Video and it 100% Corresponds to the subtitle.


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