Kendall Jenner Topless: She Bares Huge Breasts For ‘LOVE’ Magazine

Another Kardashian is showing major skin … but is it even hers to show?!?
Kendall Jenner appears topless in a new photo from Love magazine — shared online by the magazine’s Fashion Director Panos Yiapanis — but there’s no way that’s actually her chest.

Judging by Panos’ Instagram feed, it looks like there’s a whole fashion spread in the new issue having to do with “Boobs and Butts” … and it appears the models have all been either digitally altered via Photoshop or sported prosthetics on set.
While the photo above has two strategically placed black dots over where Jenner’s nipples would be, we have a feeling this is Yiapanis’ way of getting around Instagram’s female nudity rule. Expect to see a lot more in the issue itself.
This is, of course, the same magazine that also features photos of Kim Kardashian going full frontal, as well as showing off her bare behind while bending over.

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