Tragic !!! Baby Starves to Death 2 Weeks After Mother Died of Drug Overdose (Photos)

Nine-month-old baby boy, Casey Kessler, painfully starved to death
in an apartment two weeks after his mother overdosed on drugs and died.

The little baby was found dead in the living room of the flat in
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, after a concerned relative visited the home.

His mother Sara, who had not been in contact with her family for
almost a fortnight, is believed to have died a week or two earlier
according to autopsy reports.

Neighbour William Gonzalez had heard the boy crying inside the flat, but did not think anything of it.

He told the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review:

 “If I was closer to the noise, I would have done something. I didn’t know. I feel so guilty. I feel so bad.
“The thought of that little kid running around after she died,
looking for food. That’s what I’m upset about. It’s such a helpless

Sara’s mother died of natural causes in the same apartment in November and no one else lived on their floor.

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