George W. Bush disses Kanye West run for president in 2020

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If there’s one person who won’t vote for Kanye West if he runs for President in 2020, that would be former President George W. Bush. When he was asked on October 29 what his thoughts were on the rapper possibly running for PEEZY, his reaction was just epic!

The US ex president was caught off guard while signing autographs for fans in Washington D.C when a reporter with TMZ asked him the million dollar question — “what do you think of Kanye running for president?” All he did was burst out laughing … no words and then he walked away.
The native Texan might not be a big fan of Kanye considering in 2005 during a TV fundraiser for Hurricane Katrina, Kanye went off script and declared “George Bush hates black people.”
Ever since then it’s safe to say they haven’t been on the best of terms. At one point Bush spoke out about it in an interview with Matt Lauer and said it was a horrible moment in his presidency and he resents Kanye for it. 

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“He called me a racist. And I didn’t appreciate it then. I don’t appreciate it now. It’s one thing to say, ‘I don’t appreciate the way he’s handled his business.’ It’s another thing to say, ‘This man’s a racist.’ I resent it, it’s not true,” he said.
Kanye has also been called “a jackass” by current President, Barack Obama after he interrupted Taylor Swift‘s acceptance speech at the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards.


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