A Year Of Clarity by Comrade Frank Maduka Anambra state Chairman NYCN

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The state Chairman Of National Youth Council Of Nigeria, Comrade Frank Maduka’s Goodwill message to all Anambra state Youths and encourages the youths to be more active in activities that would define their right in the stake of Nigeria.

See the full text below…..

With profound gratitude to the Lord Mighty and Merciful and on behalf of my family and the good youths of Anambra state,I wish us all a happy and blissful new year.
2016 is a year of clarity and no excuses,no stories because we are tired of ‘akuko‘ from all quarters.  we are also tired of the disorganisation,insincerity and saboteurs amongst us especially the inability of our generation to make a visible impact in restoring the place of an Igbo man as an equal stakeholder in Nigeria.
We cannot remain the mouthpiece of shallow and selfish fifth columnists amongst,traitors whose under watch our people lost their standing because of unemployment and hunger. We refuse to keep playing the blame game or participate willingly in the gradual attempt to enslave our generation by some self acclaimed oligarchs. We have resolved to make a unified effort towards creating a better Nation for our children.
Yes,some state governments and prominent men invest heavily in ensuring our continued disorganisation,we know that’s why we are often told of things we can’t do rather than be enabled to make our Mark like our counterparts. Activism now has become a non negotiable treasonable offence but Militancy and Terrorism are negotiable acts. So,its not about the offence but who is committing them.
The on going financial scandal of Dasukigate has shown that even our internal captors do not attend more photo-meetings and that we are not the problem of Nigeria neither have we ever been? Our fathers survived the war still if the federal character is jettisoned for a Merit system we would still lead. We have been merely surviving but now we will live and possess our possession in Nigeria.
No!is no longer enough to survive ,we have to live,if not for ourselves for our children. Sometimes we ask how our fathers felt in we are feeling this way now in own country,but what scares us more is how our children and their children would feel if we keep quiet in the face of tyranny.
As Igbo sons and daughters,we have decided to come together to rise above the mediocre marginalisation of our counterparts and partake as rightful partners of this great company-Nigeria
Nigeria belongs to all of us and we are equal partners and not privilege beneficiaries,our Fathers fought also for our independence,bled too for our country as our brothers have also sworn to protect this country against all enemies foreign and domestic,so,we deserve our fair share of respect and dignity
As we celebrate the new year of Clarity,we plead with the senators sponsoring bills against social media to please sponsor bills that will prevent other tribes from insulting and inciting our people.May heaven grant us the clarity of mind and courage to do that which is right and just,that our children can grow to remember us  and our time.
Happy New Year Comrades!
His youthfulness,
Comr Frank Maduka jp
State Chairman
National Youth Council of Nigeria,Anambra State.

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