Photo: Girl Jumps from 18 Storey Building in Lagos to Escape Facebook Rapist

Ada Nba Agbazue, the 17 year old girl who fell from an abandoned 18
storey building in Abule-Ajanloco, Lagos, while trying to escape from a
Facebook lover turned rapist, says that her assailants intended to kill
her for ritual purpose after forcefully taking carnal knowledge of her.

Nba Agbazue is currently lying at the Ilemba Ajangbadi hospital in
Lagos where she is being treated for multiple fractures and other
injuries. She attributes her being alive to a miracle, stating that she
finds it hard to explain her survival.

According to NationalMirror,
Nba Agbazue was lured to the abandoned storey building on December 26th
by a man she purportedly met on Facebook. The injured young lady said
she is alive to tell her story from the
sick bed to teach others to be careful of who they make friends with on social media.

“My being alive is a miracle and I am
grateful to God. With what I saw in that room, that man can be a
cultist, he can be a ritual killer.

He told me that he is a Buccaneer,” she narrated, tearfully.
According to her, a Facebook friend she identified as Michael lured her
through Facebook to the abandoned building.

Agbazue, on that fateful day, got dressed for a date with Michael.
Narrating her ordeal, the young girl stated that she got a call on her
mobile phone.

 “My phone rang and a man said he wanted
to speak with me. I don’t know how he got my number but he told me that
it was from my Facebook page but he is not my friend on Facebook. He
told me his name is Michael but he is not any of the Michaels that I
I did not see any harm because he said we should meet at the
Ile -Nla Bus Stop which is a busy place. When I got to the bus stop, I
noticed he was looking at my picture on his phone. He looked up to see
my face. He was standing opposite the road,” she narrated.

Agbazue said she became alarmed at first because the man did not
look like the Michael she knew on FB. At that point, she hastily pointed
out that she does not know him.

As if trying to reassure her, the stranger told Agbazue to cross
over. Not realizing the mistake in doing so, the girl crossed over. The
man touched her and immediately, as narrated, matters changed. According
to her she lost all will to resist the man.

“He touched me and immediately, I lost my
senses. I started following him. It was just him, no other person was
with him. He is a young man around 24 or 25 years old. He told me that
he is staying with his mum and brothers in the uncompleted building and
they have neighbours. 

He told me that they live in the uncompleted building (an 18 floor abandoned Federal government building).

She explained that this was about 4.30 pm, that day.

“As we were going inside the building, I
saw a lady coming out from the building. I saw passers-by and people
playing ball. When we entered, he took me to the fourth floor and we
entered a big room. 

I saw clothes. He told me that even the
other side has neighbours. When we continued climbing up the stairs, I
told him that I was tired but he pleaded with me. At the walls, I saw
some strange diagrams, cultists diagrams painted on the wall. I saw a
human head by the wall. The head is not fresh but the head has long
weave on (attachment) on it . I was scared when I saw the head. I wanted
to go back but he brought out a knife.

I was kind of scared but not too scared. He ordered me to keep climbing up into the wider room.”

According to Agbazue, the place looked like an umbrella and has many
windows. She said that the man ordered her to leave the window. But she
saw also that there was the word ‘buccaneer’ on the wall. The man
called Michael then told her that he is a Buccaneer. Continuing her
narration, the girl said that she saw lots of cultist diagrams on the

“I moved away and he told me to start
pulling off my clothes. I told him you are not my husband so I cannot
pull off my clothes for you; he told me that I was proving stubborn but I
continued to beg him, but the more I begged him the more he used the
knife to threaten me. “He said if he calls his friends, it will be too
much for me” she said.

Michael started making calls. He made the first call and he started
calling the second person. According to her, the man said that she
should not try to run. Now desperate, she moved to the window looking
for an escape.

She tried to climb down by holding a pole that she saw. At that
point, he ran to her and held her hand, “trying to prevent me from

I used my other hand to push him and that was how I fell to the ground,” she stated. 

Residents of the area saw Ada as she fell from the building thinking
that she might be an apparition. Police authority however says that
Agbazue was a victim of bad Facebook relationship.

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