Furious 7 was already one of the biggest movies of the year, with a worldwide box office of $1.5 billion, and it hasn’t slowed down since transitioning to home entertainment last week. Universal announced that Furious 7 has already made an additional $52.5 million across physical and digital sales formats, including 2.5 million units on Blu-Ray and DVD, since its home release on Sep. 15. Those are huge figures — the biggest of any 2015 release — especially in a Blu-ray/DVD market that has cratered in recent years.

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“Such astonishing results in both theatrical and home entertainment are a true testament to the enduring appeal of The Fast and the Furious films and underscore the strong demand amongst both physical and digital consumers to have instant access to one of the year’s greatest must-own movies,” said Eddie Cunningham, president of Universal Pictures Home Entertainment, in a statement.
The effects of Furious 7’s tremendous success remain to be seen, but it’s on pace to become Universal’s biggest home-entertainment release ever. How long can this franchise keep going? Furious 8 is currently set for an April 2017 release, though no director has been announced yet.