COMIC: Akpos Begs Barcelona As He Talks About Neymar’s Big Money To PSG

This content is a humorous one. Its writers wrote it so as to amuse the public and it is not aimed at defaming Neymar JR’s image, Barcelona nor PSG.


€222m and £515,000 per week.
I don’t blame Neymar. If it is me, I won’t even tell anybody. They will just see me in PSG’s training.

Dear FC Barcelona, now that you have €222m for the akkant. Please do us
United fans a favour and buy Courtinho, Hazard and Sanchez.

After seeing Neymar’s dad smiling because he has extra €45m for the
akkant. I have concluded that all my children must play football. If my
child’s first word is daddy instead of football, I will disown him.

My son’s first birthday present will be football. His birthday cake
will be football. His bed will be round like football. Even his eba will
be molded like football. I can’t take any chances.
The amount
Neymar earns makes me conclude that education is overrated. The amount
of slap that will follow any child of mine that wants to be a doctor or a
lawyer instead of a footballer will be worth 222 euros!

I am
angry at the people saying Neymar shouldn’t have left Barcelona because
of their history. The A1 I have in history is still in my NECO result
doing nothing. Na who history epp?
1 Neymar is worth €222m. 1€
is worth 500 Naira. If I am made the CBN governor, I will REPLACE THE
NAIRA WITH NEYMAR. Imagine your happiness if you have 1000 Neymar in
your account. It will be better than the 1000 Naira remaining in your
account right now.
I am paying 19,000 Naira for a 1 hour seminar because it is titled; “How to be a Neymar in your generation”.

Many August babies in Nigeria will be named Neymar. Very soon you will
start hearing names like Neymar, ChukwuNeyma and Neymaryo.


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