Interview: BillionBill Media Chat With Comedian Ezemuo Bluetooth

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COMEDIAN EZEMUO BLUETOOTH  first hit the industry few years ago, experts thought he was just a flash in the pan. But one thing became obvious in the Nigeria Entertainment Industry, the young chap is now out to make a statement that he is no more a naïve kid. And that is the fact that Chief Money Chibuzo Odogwu (AKA  Comedian Ezemuo Bluetooth) is the most sought-after fast-rising comedian in the industry.
No Show in the south-eastern Nigeria seems to be complete without the Anambra born Comedian. The tall and good looking entertainer who recently added a bundle of joy to his fast growing business is surely a Comedian with depth and thoroughness and that seems to have been the cutting edge for him so far.


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Read the full interview with the Comedian below:
BillionBill Media: Can we meet you, sir?
I am Chief Philosopher, Money Chibuzo Odogwu Popularly known as Comedian Ezemuo Bluetooth from OBOSI in Anambra State, Nigeria.
BillionBill Media: how old are you?
Laugh…. I was born on the 9h of December 1984 and I wish in my next birthday I will host my engagement party and on 12th december at CRESCENT SPRING HOTEL, AWKA. I will be hosting my 1st Comedy Show titled : COMEDY BATTLE WITH COMEDIAN EZEMUO BLUETOOTH and friends 
BillionBill Media: How did you break into the Entertainment Industry as a Comedian?
My mother told me that I started doing right from when i was in Nursery school. But, right from my J.S.S 1 to S.S 3, I had started doing M.C in schools. Well, I would say my major break as a comedian was in 2004 during the PD EBSU SHOW. I have features in over 300+ shows/birthdays/ both Mc in wedding / traditional marriage.
BillionBill Media: What do you do to supplement your income when you’re not on stage?
Apart from comedy, I’m an Author (writer) and one of my books is titled: ”words Of Philosophers and Great Minds” Edition 1, 2, 3 and 4 which is coming out next year. I am also the CEO of Money Campus Magazine that is now called…. M-Galaxy Magazine and i have so many publications still on distribution.
BillionBill Media: What’s you work/family balance like?
Wow, that one was a fight in my house. Base on I’m the 1st son, My parents did not like what i was doing (as a comedian), so that was the major reason i was underground all these years. Now, my family members are now supporting my career.
BillionBill Media: What’s the Best Part of you that fans don’t know about?
I have the heart of giving.
BillionBill Media: What’s the worst part of you?
I lose appetite in ladies easily. That is the reason why I’m single, but when I find my one and only I will not lose the appetite again.
BillionBill Media: What’s the Biggest Misconception people have about you?
People still misunderstand my personality. Because my name is Comedian Ezemuo Bluetooth and I was Ezemuo 1 GBURUGBURU Ebsu, Ezemuo 4 Odenigbo Ebsu and Ezemuo 1 South-east, people think I’m fetish.
BillionBill Media: So, what do you think about people using charms to attain fame?
Hahaha It can’t work. If you don’t  have it, you get do it. Simply like dat, Comedy is alway in blood .
BillionBill Media: Your Role Model?
Klint de Drunk,Basket Mouth, 2 CAN TALK, ACAPELLA  and Funny bone.
BillionBill Media: have you been behind any show.
Yes. Ada Oba beauty Contest, ADA Umuchu beauty Contest, ADA Afikpo and so many I’m working on dis xmas. 
BillionBill Media: Where do you see yourself in 2years from now
I have a vision of being the (CEO of ) the most popular magazine company, organizing the most competitive beauty pageant and the Most attended record-breaking comedy show.
BillionBill Media: Hobbies?
Making Friends, writing, Joking, chatting with people, promoting culture & tradition.
BillionBill Media:  Do you have any rival in the Entertainment Industry?
No. I don’t. I do my things my own way. That is y my friends and fans always surprise when them see me
BillionBill Media: What is your advice to all aspiring/up & coming Comedians?
My Advice to them is to do their best and leave the rest to GOD. 
AWARDS- Best Ezemuo in Odenigbo EBSU 2008 to 2010. Best Ezemuo in GBURUGBURU ancient kingdom EBSU. 1st Ezemuo in south east. Most popular guy Ebsu 2007 to 2009. The richest guy in Anambra state students association ( Assa ) EBSU. Best comedian in Assa Ebsu 2009. 2nd best comedian and MC in ebsu 2007 to 2008. Best president general Anambra state students association ( Assa ) Ebsu 2008 to 2010. Best president eastern region by nnewi students association (federation of nnewi) Ansu uli campus, best Magazine company by SUG government EBONYI STATE UNIVERSITY.
ACHIEVEMENTS: The author of words of philosophers and great mind vol 1,2,3. Founder young millions club, Founder future nigeria youth foundation, the host of ADA South East both the states level, Mr and Miss Institution / Africa Got Talent , COMEDY BATTLE and CEO M – GALAXY MAGAZINE .
Thank You.
For booking: Call: 07061661102, 080­56659464.
BB pin: 2BE350B4 
WhatsApp : 07061661102
Tweet : @comedian_ezemuo, Instagram : comedianbluetooth 
facebook id: comedian ezemuo Bluetooth
my facebook fan page:comedian ezemuo Bluetooth – Sf



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